[P]rehab Bodyworks

move better.

Prehab Bodyworks was born out of the idea that we are not fragile creatures who should simply fade away as we age. Humans are strong and we can stay strong throughout life with a little awareness and work.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, gym rat, runner, biker, hiker, climber, yogi, aerialist, Crossfit junkie, Orange Theory addict, desk jockey, or even a couch potato, [P]rehab Bodyworks is here to help you be your best you. With movement analysis and coaching combined with massage you can Move Better be able to handle whatever life throws at you.


Hoosier Homegrown and Mountain West Living...

In December of 2000 I moved to Utah to study massage therapy and graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy with over 1300 hours of professional training.  I then bounced back to my hometown and decided to study Law and Society at Purdue University and graduated from there with a BA in 2008. 

In 2012 I decided that I had had enough of the Midwest and that I needed to get back to what I did best, bodywork.  So, I headed back to the Wasatch mountains and settled in Salt Lake City.  Since returning, I've focused on further educating myself about the body and how to help fix it with classes in Anatomy, Biology, Kinesiology, Principles of Weightlifting, Principles of Movement, Prehab 101.  I have certifications in Myodetox as well as FMS.

 I continue to expand my knowledge of how the human body works through annual continuing education in both movement and bodywork.   

Currently I possess over 3000 hours of hands on massage experience here in Utah and am also an instructor of Advanced Massage Techniques and Kinesiology at Healing Mountain Massage School.  I strive with every session to meet the needs of my clients and help get them on the road to less pain and better movement.